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Drinking Middle Eastern Coffee that we call crack before we started to actually drink.
Driving to Red Rock to watch Fast 6 but first let me take a #selfie
Very awesome throw back right here.

1. Worked til 10
2. We did a music video at the second spot, recorded the harlem shake.
3. Took a random road trip to Cali just to get Dr. Pepper Slurpees literally went there for Dr. Pepper Slurpees no joke.
4. Drove back to vegas
5. Went straight back to work and then went home to sleep

We were up for literally more than 36 hours
Little Red Riding Gypsy. My brother from another mother.
It was only 11 in the morning and we started drinking and trying out many different shots and mixed drinks. #hookahmasterslounge
New favorite song. Not A Bad Thing by JT

Got this on repeat.
I worked 54 hours last week and didn’t even realize it lmao.
My #wcw everyday, lmao this face made me crack up
I like how this song came out last year, and only now it’s getting big.
Bro, cats are fucking awesome lmfao
It’s almost 4/20 and it’ll be easter sunday.
Fuck it, todays my friday.
Oh snap, I haven’t lost a touch of my Photoshop skills.
Black tea, with thai walls and strawberry. My co-workers better than yours. I think we’ll be making this a weekly thing at work. 7 drinks at Starbucks every week.