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Good night Instagram tweakers.

What is love? Some of us don’t know what it is because it can mean a million different things. Before you say love, make one damn thing sure. That you mean it when you say it. If you don’t mean it, keep your bitch ass quiet .
Crazy bitches now days
Accepting applications lmao inquire within haha
Woman crush Monday, ayy!

She is what this generation calls it “bae”

I’m not embarrassed to say she works at McDonald just like the commercial I’m loving it.

@mptxo @mptxo @mptxo @mptxo 

Just know she fine and you can’t “holla” at her.
Made myself dinner tonight. Table for one please.
Who wants one?
Which one better guys?
My lunch for for today haha. I can make bomb sandwiches.
This is what I call, speechless

@mptxo @mptxo @mptxo @mptxo 😍😘💑💏💗🔐

If she is willing to be down for me, I’ll for damn sure be down for her.
Watching the new episode of The Walking Dead before all of you haha.
Thanks to the 400+ likes I got on my photo
What counts is putting a smile on someone’s face.  It’s not guaranteed everyday that you would see them and that every moment counts.  Most importantly, never ignore a person who cares about you, misses you, and loves you! How time is so precious to us.  It is true that we have to spend our time wisely. It’s just that some things are far more important such as loved ones over anything.