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Nothing beats my grandmas cooking. Laotion style papaya salad haha.
Eating escargot at my grandmas’s house laotion style haham
Shoutouts to @ajrafael and @timdelaghetto for taking shots with @itzapoc and I last night. And spending time talking with us. Enjoy your guys stay in Hawaii.
If you ever need a haircut or anything, come down to Kissa Salon and ask for @clara_kissa
Fresh and clean, thanks to eomma @clara_kissa
Getting my hair cut today, very well deserved.
The amazing @ajrafael down here at Mai Tais with our boy @timdelaghetto
Ayy we got to see our favorite youtuber @timdelaghetto down here at Mai Tais tonight.
Trying out the vegetarian life for a little bit.

Oven roasted potatoes
Curry fried rice
Creamy potatoe casserole
It took me a few days to get this job, and I’m happy to start working here today.
I just want to say, I will miss working with my 2944 family. But I will always come and say hi before I go home from work.
Who wants some sushi?
Made my very last burrito here in the deli and ofcourse, it had to be the best breakfast burrito ever created.

Almost a 1.5lbs of food haha.
Teaching myself how to speak korean!!!